Teaser Trailer for Short Film, Rosalind…

August 12, 2019– Here it is! The trailer for our Canadian short film submission, Rosalind. We have to add our company stamp at the end so there’s a placeholder, lol! We hope that you enjoy a taste of the short and that you’ll keep your fingers crossed for TIFF choosing us for a world premier. Thank you Sarah Marchese for your tireless work on this project. I can’t wait for the world to see it and to see what you’ve created. Your future is so bright! X LLB

This is Exciting!

May 22, 2018- I had a special meeting with a couple of dear friends today and I’m so excited to say that TFP Productions will be submitting a Canadian Short Film to TIFF in 2019. We’ll be starting from the ground up and I will be co-writing with another fellow author something that is brand new. It will be a domestic noir of sorts and we definitely have a few tricks up our sleeve to push the envelope to almost unbearable lengths. 

Look for updates on production and concept development coming soon.